Electric Fireplaces

Electric FireplaceAn electric fireplace is a popular types of ventless fireplaces available on the market. In fact, an electric fireplace is the only true vent-free system available. Both the ventless gel fireplace and ventless gas fireplace vent emissions into the room they operate in. An electric fireplace has absolutely no emissions and is truly vent-free. This type of ventless fireplace is perfect if you don’t want an actual fire burning in your household. They do provide a simulated fire for decor purposes however some models provide a far better, more realistic fire than others. Electric fireplaces are generally very mobile and easy to move from room to room. You should follow all of the manufacturer’s safety recommendations.

Wall Hanging Electric FireplaceAn electric fireplace is probably the best solution if you want a supplemental heating source. Unlike ventless gas fireplaces which use natural gas an electric fireplace uses electricity. They can produce enough BTUs to heat a room sufficiently. However, when you take into consideration ventless fireplace safety tips you also want to consider space heater tips; this is because an electric fireplace is basically a space heater and is designed to look like a fireplace. You can view a few pictures of electric fireplaces in our ventless fireplace gallery.


Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

  • No fire required; an electric fireplace will provide the visual effects of a fire, without the fire!
  • There are no installation costs, you simply place it where you want it and plug it in.
  • Electric fireplaces are cheaper to operate than natural gas during the winter months when the cost of natural gas increases.
  • Electric fireplaces come in all shapes, sizes and models.
  • Many electric fireplaces can now effectively mimic the look of a real wood burning fire.
  • There are no risks of oxygen depletion or carbon dioxide build-ups.

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