Ventless Fireplace

Ventless Gas FireplaceA ventless gas fireplace is one of the popular types of ventless fireplaces available on the market. This type of ventless fireplace is fueled either by natural gas or propane. Since this ventless fireplace requires natural gas youíll need to tap into your natural gas line. Generally most ventless gas fireplaces are going to mimic traditional fireplaces; you wonít find smaller ventless gel fireplaces type personal units fueled by natural gas. If youíre looking to add a fireplace to your household but donít want the cost behind it then a ventless gas fireplace is the perfect solution for your home.

RealFlame Ventless Gas FireplaceUnlike ventless gel fireplaces you can use gas fueled units as a supplemental eating source. Many ventless gas fireplaces can produce enough BTUs to effectively heat a room in your household. Itís critical to make sure the room isnít too big, but also isnít too small. If your room is too big the ventless gas fireplace wonít be able to heat it properly, and if itís too small you can create ventless fireplace safety issues, such as oxygen depletion. You can use this type of ventless fireplace for both heating and dťcor improvements. As always we recommend you follow all manufacturer recommendations, requirements and specifications. You can view pictures of ventless gas fireplaces in our ventless fireplace gallery.


Benefits of a Ventless Gas Fireplace

  • Ventless gas fireplaces are a great supplemental heating source for your household; however, they cannot be used as a primary heating source.
  • They are a perfect way to get the look and feel of a real fireplace without the actual cost of installation and materials.
  • Ventless gas fireplaces can have on-board ODS (oxygen depletion sensors) that can automatically shut off the unit if oxygen levels get to low.
  • Even if you already own a traditional wood burning fireplace you can convert them with ventless gas fireplace conversion kits.
  • A fireplace can raise the value of your home and actually help it sell faster.

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