Ventless Fireplace Laws & Regulations

As a homeowner you’re responsible following all local, county and state laws. When it comes to ventless fireplaces some towns, counties and states have regulations and ordinances. If you’re installing a ventless gas fireplace you may even need a building permit and an inspector since you’ll be tapping into your natural gas line. Even if you think your town, city, county or state doesn’t have any regulations or laws related to ventless fireplaces you better double check anyways. If you fail to follow local, country and state laws for ventless fireplaces you might find that your homeowners’ insurance and even health insurance might not cover you in the event of a loss or injury.

Ventless Fireplace LawsIt’s also important to verify what type of ventless fireplace laws, ordinances and regulations relate too. For example, a town might have strict installation requirements for a ventless gas fireplace when that same town might have none for a ventless gel fireplace or electric fireplace. When it comes to protecting you, your family and your home it’s vital that you follow the laws and regulations; these are designed to protect your home and family. We recommend you also review our ventless fireplace safety.

Remember, most towns, cities, counties and states do not have any laws or regulations related to ventless fireplaces but everyday more and more do create them. We have provided a local and state government resource finder to help you find out if there are any laws or ordinances you need to be aware of. You’ll want to call your local city hall, county office and someone in your state. The below resource will allow you to easily find what you need to locate those 3 pieces of contact information. If you’re ready use the link below to gather the information you need to find out about laws and regulations related to ventless fireplaces in your area.